Tuesday, November 3, 2009


I have my ap photography students starting a daily photo blog, and what better way to show them what to do than to do it myself.

I am an amature photographer, mostly I photograph to record and for reference for my paintings. I take thousands of pictures a year, mostly around where I am currently living... Gay, GA in Meriwether county which in in midwest georgia. I moved here 2 years ago to get away from the urban sprawl of Atlanta. I love it here, cows, hills, barns, tractor and peace and quiet although I commute into Newnan to teach high school art.

I have an old VW Westphalia bus that my girlfriend, Julie, and i get in and drive all over the area looking for things for me to paint and photograph. We used to go out in my old Landcruiser with Mo the dog (short for Modigliani, one of my favorite artists. Mo resembles a Modigliani, with his long and graceful neck), but it was great in spring and fall but to hot and cold in the other seasons. We have yet to add mo to the vw bus. i am also equipped with the bare bone minimum photgraphy equipment. I have a Nikon d40 with a 18-55mm VR nikkor lens and a 200mm zoom, a Cannon 10mp point and shoot A1000 and a Blackberry Curve with a decent camera.

You can also follow my daily painting efforts at compelledtopaint.blogspot.com and my editorial cartoons at markmorganinc.blogspot.com. Links to me website are also available. Thanks for watching and following and I hope to hear from some of you if not all of you!



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