Wednesday, November 11, 2009

11.11.09 Beaver Lake Hunt Shack

I drive past this old farm shack everyday, twice a day. It is on a piece of property people hunt on, which is the rule not the exception down here in Merowether county. Tons of hunters buy a few acres just to put up a shack or a mobile home, or an old bus so that they can come down here and hunt. This shack happens to share a lot with an old school bus used as a hunt lodge. Look for those pictures and paintings soon. This isn't really a hunt shack, could have been a large smoke house or more than likely the kitchen to the house that used to be on this piece of land.

I downloaded a trial version of Aperture I have been playing with as well as NEK Silver FX. I love black and white photography but even Photoshop has limitations to what you can do with black and white. Silver FX is pretty interesting. The Barefoot Photographer turned me on to it.


  1. I am loving your photos on this blog!

  2. we will see how long it lasts!! i downloaded a trail of Aperture and Silver FX... however, I have realized that I can do a great deal of the manipulation in photoshop. I love Silver FX though, I love being able to select a film grain type!!

  3. I use Silver Efex all the time for conversion to b&w. I love it.