Tuesday, November 17, 2009

11.16.09 Old Man River

I just edited this picture for a for Donna to give to Jeff for Christmas. This picture was taken on the Toccoa River this summer, the weekend of Jeff's 50th birthday, and the weekend we almost died.

They had released the water at the dam in the Toccoa that day, and albeit, I was comfortable in a canoe on swiftly moving waters, I didn't think about the others. Jay, Donna and Jeff's son, had never been in a canoe, and pretty sure that Donna and Jeff hadn't either. Our outfitter didn't even warn us about the danger. We were later called "crazy" by neighbors who had canoes spilt in half my the racing dam waters.

Long story short, I took this picture before I flipped the canoe Jules and I were in. Luckily, in my paddling experiences, I knew not to let go of the boat. Jules floated down river and I swam down the river with the canoe until I caught up with Jules, we swam to an opening on shore into a guys yard where he helped up flip the canoe over and get us going again.

We finally caught up with Jeff and Donna as the continued to paddle the canoe in a 360 and become very concerned for their safety... as did I!

It was a great weekend and we had great stories to tell! Most importantly, nobody drowned!

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