Tuesday, May 11, 2010

05.11.2010 Back in the saddle?

After a long absence from my own photography, I have somewhat rededicated myself to the cause! Not much of a daily photographer! I am also a daily painter and painting is my one true love... next to my bride to be.

I have my camera back out, I still need to have the image sensor cleaned... which is making me craZy. I find that when I have it with me, I use it more. Weird, huh.

I also plan on joining photo group around here to really help keep the juices flowing this summer when I have some more time and the wedding is over. I take a lot of photos on my trips and jaunts in the VW Bus, but have fallen short of posting them.

I have dug back in Aperture and iPhoto and found some really great stuff from the past. I hope that posting them and getting back into the groove will help.

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